The Shining Swords Of Hate

by Countess



released August 1, 2000


all rights reserved



Countess The Netherlands

Countess is a Dutch band that has been unleashing metal music upon the world since 1992.

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Track Name: Children Of The North Star
Sons of rain and winter cold
Returning home like once foretold
Waging war to cleanse their land
Once sold dirt cheap by traitor’s hand
They forge anew swords of old
Crushing the false foreign faith's hold
Whilst they call on the one-eyed god
Once more soil is mixed with blood
Track Name: Total War
The moon is full the mirror cracks
Smiling from the depths He reigns
See the red eyes in the dark
Tonight the chosen break their chains
Evil dwells, eternal, unstoppable
The warriors of darkness ride
Our souls rejoice in cries of pain
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
We are wolves and we are proud
Blood drips from our unholy jaws
Tonight we claim our victory
The priest torn apart by evil claws

We drink the virgin’s blood
The High One speaks to us
We hunt on Diana’s trail
We cry in ecstasy
We know no more fear
The eternal fire we feel
Our fate we embrace
To no mortal man we kneel

Ages old warriors atop a mountain cold
The shining swords of hate by their sides
To an eternal life of blood and honour called
By the One who rides disguised through the night

One with darkness in wind and rain
They feel the Fourth Storm drawing near
For centuries for The Sign they waited
At last the eternal winter is here
They have returned to wipe out their shame
The sheep will drown in blood and pain
Revenge is sweet as a virgin’s flesh
All your frikin´ prayers said in vain
At last the reign of the king of slaves
And his worshippers will be done
The cross nothing but a memory
When the final war is won
For two centuries the slaves of Christ
Spat on mankind’s true Father
But now clouds of darkness and hate
Above Jehovah’s throne gather
Track Name: Hate From Hell
Hate from Hell burns in my soul
Total destruction my evil goal
Hate from Hell will always prevail
Darkness and evil forever I hail
Hate from Hell will consume the earth
To no avail was the Christ’s birth
Hate from Hell is the ultimate thrill
It truly inspires me to hail and kill

Hate from Hell burns in my soul
Hate from Hell will always prevail
Hate from Hell will consume the earth
Hate from Hell is the ultimate thrill
Track Name: Te Vuur En Te Zwaard
Rivieren van bloed en wouden van ijzer
Zeeën van vuur en bergen van staal
Het volk der krijgers werd hier gesmeed
Een ras vol moed, eer en loyaliteit
De draken werden door hen verslagen
De dwergen maakten zij tot slaven
Andere rassen konden hen niet stoppen
Waar zij ook kwamen rolden koppen

Geboren uit staal, gedoopt in bloed
Harten vol van een vurige gloed

Te vuur en te zwaard

De elven met hun wit-magische krachten
Kon het volk zonder moeite afslachten
Zelfs de machtige tovenaars vielen
Machteloos tegen ´t volk met stalen zielen


Te vuur en te zwaard
Onverschrokken en onvervaard
Te vuur en te zwaard
Onze heilige eer is alles waard
Te vuur en te zwaard

Dit volk waren wij – maar de magie is voorbij . . .


Te vuur en te zwaard
Track Name: Totenkopf (Satan's Soldaten)
Die Blüte der Völker Europas
Verschworen auf Führer und Tod
Schwarz und Silber marschierten sie
Die Fahne hoch für den Sieg

Wächter und Sturmbahn Schulter an Schulter
Ein Orden geschmiedet zu streiten für Haß
Ehre heisst Treue so standen sie stolz
Ihr Name war Schrecken in Ost und West

An allen Fronten zerfetzten sie
Jeden Widerstand ohne Gnad’
Geboren in Zorn und getauft in Blut
In Flammen und Asche regiert der Tod

Brust und Faust fassten glühenden Stahl
Eicke fiel und ritt nach Valhall
Keine Gefangenen ihm zu Ehre wochenlang
Ein blutiges Meer als Todesritual

Scharfes Schwert nutzlos in lahmer Faust
Getreu in Pflicht, gefallen durch Verrat
Geschmäht durch Geschichte, geachtet vom Feind
Doch in Niederlage erzwangen sie Sieg

Wenn Abendsonne verblutet in Nacht
Erinnerung lodert in Herzen
Sieg und Ruhm, Vernichtung und Tod
Des Satan´s Soldaten Legende
Track Name: When The Raven Flies
When summers are forgotten
And brothers slay each other
When the legions of Surt rise
And Musspell's horde fills the skies
When the Norns annihilate all peace
And Naglfar sails the seas
The dawn of the final war is here
When gods wage war the end is near

When the horn of Heimdall blows
And holy blood in thick rivers flows
When the son of Loki breaks his chains
And Midgard is consumed by flames
When forces of darkness and light collide
For puny mortals there’ll be nowhere to hide
The dawn of the final war is here
When gods wage war the end is near

When the raven flies
We must heed the call
When the raven flies
We will stand or fall
When the raven flies
We must heed the call
When the raven flies
We will stand or fall

When the sky turns black as night
And nothing is left but the will to fight
When the Einherjar are to fulfil their destiny
There’s no more use for All-Father’s necromancy
When giants and trolls united ride
And even Wodan and Donar fall side by side
The dawn of the final war is near
When gods wage war the end is here

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