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Spawn Of Steel

by Countess

Black winds are blowing the hammer is calling ‘Neath power and might wimps and posers are falling Warriors ride Live to fight The gods of metal are smiling upon us this night Wielding our proud steel we know we are right Blackened hate Our holy fate Brothers of metal are heeding the call of steel Going to war to fight for metal that’s real Metal might Shining bright Sons of the hammer today we make our stand Soldiers of steel the strongest in all the land Fire and ice Ancient cries (chorus) The call of steel Heavy metal zeal Wolves in the night Join the holy fight Lightning strikes when metal’s warriors chant The glory of steel and might is now at hand Hammers fall Heed the call The full moon’s light is calling us to ride to war With fire and metal forge anew the magic of yore Darkened skies No more lies Now the time has come to set the world alight Spawn of steel and fire we shall rule the night Honour bound Glory found The ecstasy of battle takes us up into the sky Death or glory today might be a fine day to die Iron and fire Metal desire (chorus) Black winds are blowing the hammer is calling ‘Neath power and might wimps and posers are falling Metal might Shining bright The gods of metal are smiling upon us this night Wielding our proud steel we know we are right Fire and ice Ancient cries Now the time has come to set the world alight Spawn of steel and fire we shall rule the night Hammers fall Heed the call The ecstasy of battle takes us up into the sky Death or glory today might be a fine day to die Darkened skies No more lies (chorus)
In the mist of a winter dawn, the trumpets sound Blood and fire and death await us on the battleground The gods of war are smiling upon their kin this day Into glorious battle we ride as black prayers we say (chorus) The trumpets of dawn are calling Soon hammers shall be falling Ride to war! In the mist of a winter dawn, the trumpets sound With axe and sword and scythe we will stand our ground In the cold winter sun our blades of metal do glow Mixed with morning dew our enemies’ blood will flow (chorus) In the mist of a winter dawn, the trumpets sound In bloody battle honour and glory will be found Before the sun has fully risen victory will be ours We shall burn the spoils to thank the dark powers (chorus)
A prince in exile for all of his life Raised far from his father’s lands Believed dead like all of his kin His throne in vile usurper’s hands A child unaware of his noble blood Frustrated by his simple peasant life Unlike others without knowing why Unable to identify his urge for strife A mysterious visitor in his village Seeking him out when coming of age Revealing to him the truth of his blood In ignorance facing the giver of rage (chorus) Sword and sceptre Crown and ring Sword and sceptre All hail the king Taking the sword and the sceptre The visitor gone not a trace left behind Holding the relics of his ancestors Images of old flooding his mind Years of preparing, hardship and pain Gathering men still loyal to his blood Building an army to overthrow the usurper Always guided by the wandering god The right of vengeance now his to claim Glory in battle for those sworn to the ring Power of the sword, wisdom of the sceptre All hail the rightful heir, all hail the king (chorus)
The house of god is a vile site The sheep who follow him there gather To bow before him and writhe in obeisance To crumble before their would-be father The house of god is a disgusting mental brothel It must be devoured by the flames of Hell Crush the hold of monotheism once and for all Let none of its slaves be allowed to live to tell Beneath the cold moon evil’s warriors ride Carrying swords, torches blazing in the night Hearts filled with hatred of all that is holy Before long the house of god will be set alight Wolves are howling and rain is falling down A black storm bellows its symphony of gloom Wakened by this threat the virtuous know fear Tonight the slaves of god meet their doom (chorus) Torch the house of god Burn it down to the ground The minions of god try to defend his house But against the steel of evil they cannot fight And the torches of evil do their wicked duty The house of god burns to embers this night On the ashes of the one god’s whorehouse Temples of sin will arise all over the earth Where heathen rites dormant for aeons Shall enjoy a glorious rebirth (chorus)
A fire burns within The flame of steel and hate I stand against the world Solely guided by my fate No possibility of retreat My steel will soon be tried My courage will come through My glory will not be denied (bridge) Fighting with metal, the power of steel Victory or death, to none I shall kneel Blood will be shed, my enemies fear The whole world, my war cry will hear (chorus) Alone against the world The courage to stand tall Alone against the world My enemies will surely fall My armour blinds my foes Shining metal for all to see The time of wrath has come All will die or bow before me Dark knowledge at my side Wicked powers to prevail The light forever to wane The forces of good shall fail Much hardship I will endure To overthrow all conformity Mighty steel will bring victory Eternal glory waits for me (bridge) (chorus)
Thermopylae 06:55
Amidst the great deeds of Xerxes and his Greek foes All the valour of the second of the Persian wars Stands out a single battle as the most heroic The defence of a mountain pass by a Spartan force A strategic error left several hundred Spartan men Surrounded by an overwhelming Persian might For two days they managed to hold on to the pass Led by king Leonidas to the last man they did fight Thermopylae The Spartans were exceptional in their courage Whatever number their foe they would not retreat With hearts of steel and incredible battle prowess They managed to achieve such an amazing feat Even though the Spartans lost this great battle Time was gained for the Greek armies and fleet The progress of the vast Persian army was halted And the Greeks were prepared their foe to meet Thermopylae At Salamis the Persian fleet was largely sunk And at Plataea the Greek army proved the best It was the beginning of the empire’s downfall Establishing the Greek dominance of the west
(chorus) I swear allegiance to true metal To fight the false with the power of steel Forever true to the gods of metal To no man shall ever I kneel There’s blood upon the walls of conformity and greed Swords of doom are whirling to fight for the metal creed We exist and breathe for metal, it’s the only way to live Forever sworn to steel, the false ones we won’t forgive Hear the sound of metal, so strong and pure and mean Striking with dark powers we’re louder than we’ve ever been No mercy and no love for such weakness we don’t care By the power of the hammer the oath of steel we swear (chorus) There’s blood in all the halls of sanctity and lies Blades of gloom are spinning through the metal skies We hear the call of metal it’s rallying us to fight Forever true to heavy metal we ride on through the night Hear the clash of power, so wild and crazy and rough Attacking with evil might we’re never gonna get enough Warriors of true metal we take on all who dare By the force of metal’s gods the oath of steel we swear (chorus)
A people enslaved by the laws and lies of the book Hear freedom’s call Corrupt clerics clinging to the power they once took The priest must die One fateful day in this land a little bastard boy is born Hear freedom’s call Shunned by his society his youth is lonely and forlorn The priest must die (chorus) Rise warrior, out of the night March sword king, into the light Fight the battle, now stand your ground Slay the enemy, war drums resound Poverty is all he knows, petty crime his single goal Hear freedom’s call Vengeful wrath and rebellion are burning in his soul The priest must die One day thrown in jail for breaking religious rules Hear freedom’s call But one day he will surely crush all the holy fools The priest must die (chorus) Finally he breaks free Rising for all to see War is upon the land The king will make his stand Angry young people flock to the self-proclaimed king Sound the drums of war By the thousands they march while battle hymns they sing Sound the drums of war The clerics try to crush the rebels but they are too late Sound the drums of war Their holy buildings soon to be destroyed by fate Sound the drums of war (chorus) All holiness defiled by the rise of the warrior king Hail to the king Holy books are burned everywhere blasphemy does ring Hail to the king The slaves of the book are destroyed once and for all Hail to the king Glory abounds for those who heeded the sword king’s call Hail to the king (chorus)
We’re ghosts of leather and spirits of steel From the distant past when metal was real We have no place in the modern age Our souls are burning with hate and rage We’re relics of the past, we’re out of date But we don’t care that we were born too late We refuse to conform to fashion’s flow The power of ancient metal is all we know (bridge) Black leather and loud guitars Spikes and chains and sleazy bars On every smoke-filled stage we cry We’re ghosts of leather and we’ll never die (chorus) Ghosts of leather, spirits of steel Warriors of metal, to no man we kneel Ghosts of leather, demons of fire Ghouls of iron, we live our desire Wimps and posers may say we’re antiquated But the might of steel and metal is never outdated We are beyond trends ‘cos metal never dies In the end once more we’ll hear the false one’s cries (bridge) (chorus)
Back in early twelfth-century Europe In a time of reform and spiritual rebirth An order of knights was brought to life To defend the holy land from the infidel A new kind of knight, a warrior-monk Soldiers sworn to poverty and self-denial Yet fighting bravely with primitive means Against a vastly superior force Years of battle, blood, fire and death But between slaughtering and pillaging The knights stumbled upon various cults And delved into mysterious mysticisms The knights discovered the forbidden They saw the pleasures life has to offer And ultimately they decided to change They chose to tread the Left Hand Path The order throve in its new-found power Acquiring massive material possessions Becoming a force to be reckoned with While rejoicing in lustful blasphemous rites But the success of the knights templar Would ultimately become their undoing The king of France envied their wealth Charged them with heresy and blasphemy Through torture confessions were extracted And the order was completely dismantled Its vast possessions seized by the king Its leaders burned to death at the stake But the order triumphed beyond the grave Both king and pope fell to the curse Cast upon them by the Grand Master While flames were already caressing his flesh The templars lost a battle but not the war The order went underground and survived Throughout the centuries it exerted its power Its rituals being practised to this very day
Beneath forgotten castles in deserted wastelands In the darkest of dungeons the seal of wrath is hidden Once broken the seal will unleash the darkness For the Earth to be consumed by all god has forbidden Thirteen warriors are chosen to commence the quest Conceived in the most unholy of rites Raised to withstand the treachery of god With hearts as black as the darkest of nights On the eve of the longest night the quest begins Armed with magic the thirteen warriors advance Their swords of steel slay the servants of god Against the strength of hatred the meek stand no chance The thirteen swords create a whirlwind of doom The warriors come ever closer to finding the seal No crosses or garlic or holy relics can stop them They march on to the tones of metal that’s real The warriors ride to the heart of the wastelands After years of hardship the quest’s end is near They enter the castles and stride through the dust Until they locate the dungeons of pain and fear Breaking the shields woven by spells of white magic They go down into the dungeons and uncover the seal The chosen warriors use their powers of black magic To break the seal and unleash the reign of steel The seal is broken and the Earth violently opens up The dungeons explode in an eruption of Hellfire The world is engulfed by unholy waves of lust and hate All of Earth is consumed by darkness and desire
In the aftermath of the Peloponnesian war A young Persian prince with a ruthless aim Cyrus assembled a vast host of mercenaries Thinking good pay and rich booty they’d gain Ten thousand Greek hoplites ready for war They set out eastward in March 401 B.C. Expecting to suppress some dissident tribes The true goal of the endeavour they didn’t see In a sudden skirmish one hundred were lost Unrest among the men soon started to grow Spartan Clearchus managed to keep them in line But their true purpose they still didn’t know On the banks of the Euphrates Cyrus did speak Revealing his plan to overthrow his elder sibling To forcefully seize the throne of Persia for himself The army indeed a formidable threat to the king On towards Babylon Across Northern Syria into the Arabian desert Until they were confronted with the king’s might A cloud of dust first appeared on the horizon Then helmets and armour flashed in the sunlight The sides drew up in battle-order near Babylon Combat was engaged close to Cunaxa on a plain The Greeks fought against numerical supremacy But all became irrelevant once Cyrus was slain Before the Greeks could return a ploy unfolded Tissaphernes lured their five generals into a tent And slaughtered them and all their attendants On vengeance the treacherous satrap was bent The ten thousand now aimless and leaderless Seeming to be lost in these vast and hostile lands But one of the men received an omen from Zeus Xenophon rose to take matters into his hands He advised the officers to choose new leaders To all the forces a rousing speech he made So they decided not to lay down their arms But to persist against odds that were great The retreating army’s progress was slow, arduous In the mountains of Kardouchia they had to fight Vulnerable they were to mounted Persian archers But cavalry and slingers demonstrated their might In the Armenian mountains the weather was the foe By hunger and frostbite the troops disheartened But through personal example Xenophon led on And upon reaching the sea the men were elated There were more adventures on the long road home Before many of them at last to Greece returned Xenophon was then banished from his city Athens A friend of Sparta by the democratic rabble spurned The ten thousand’s march was a significant feat Their journey showed what the Greeks could gain The possibility of conquest seen for the first time The wealth and weakness of the Persian domain


released April 1, 2005


all rights reserved



Countess The Netherlands

Countess is a Dutch band that has been unleashing metal music upon the world since 1992.


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